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Easy Music Composer Free is a automatic composer. You can compose a song without
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Shuta Miyawaki
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3 March 2004

Editor's review

Are you a music lover with a rhythm buzzing in your head but with no outlet to give it a shape? Easy Music Composer Free is here to fulfill that composition and the dream.
It is an absolutely automatic composer which can compose any song and music for you. It is an effortless process requiring as much time as you can spend. You need not have any extensive musical knowledge to use the tool. It has a user-friendly interface with seven channels. Four of the channels are used for chords and the other three are used for melody, bass and drum each. Set the tone and volume you feel is right on each of the bars. The samples help you in getting started. Click on the visible notes displayed in the window and select Compose. Select the checkbox if you would like to include drums. Now you can select any rhythm whether it be bass or drum and compose the most beautiful music.
You will be surprised with the simplicity of the features and functionalities of this tool.

Publisher's description

Easy Music Composer Free is a automatic composer.
You can compose a song without time and effort.
You can compose a song without misical knowledge.
You can select a pattern(Rhythm,Bass and Drum).
You can setting a tone and volume on each bar.
You can compose a song of 7 channels.
(1 channel is used for melody.)
(4 channels are used for chords.)
(1 channel is used for bass.)
(1 channel is used for drum.)
Easy Music Composer Free
Easy Music Composer Free
Version 8.4
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User comments

I am quite experienced with this kind of thing and have just been scoping out the free mixers as it were. I like the ideas that this programmer had in terms of simplifying this for people with non-music backgrounds but it is overcomplicated and functionality is a major issue. If I try to customize anything, it gets all bollocksed up. Needs a lot of improvement mate, a lot. Even with functionality improved, this would only be applicable to a wanker with no musical knowledge whatsoever. There much better stuff out there for those who know their stuff.
It`s crap. Extremely difficult to use. Poor help.
Ron Hahn
It keeps crashing even before you do anything in it.
kejuan jones
i think this is a very good and sucessful software
crystal a tm
this was the worst program i have ever used in my entire life. i would never recommend such a shitty piece of work to anyone. nice try but you could honestly have worked on this program longer than 5 minutes! i could do better with no computer knowledge whatsoever. good one.
Horrible, iy is not a program just a bunch of useless music clips. It is NOT easy like it said!
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